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Mission Statement

Mission and Purpose Statement for all Ministries of FBC Bude.

First Baptist Church Bude is a collection of many different and unique ministries made up of the fellowship of believers whose faith, purpose and goals are centered on the Living Lord Jesus Christ and to carry on His missions and purposes until He returns. ( Matt. 28:19-20, Acts 20:24, John 20:21 )

Therefore the heart and purpose of all ministries and the ministers of FBC Bude will be to bring Honor and Glory to God by serving others.

All Ministries shall be conducted and carried out in a manner that will be pleasing and expectable to the Lord and measured by the standard of God's word.

First and foremost our goal and purpose in ministry is to bring Glory to the kingdom of Christ.

As ministers we follow the example of Christ by living as a servant and this calling deserves our greatest efforts. (Col. 3:23-24 )

Secondly our focus in all Ministry shall be to serve others by meeting needs in their lives.

(These needs may be spiritual, emotional , or physical ). We understand that God has given us talents, gifts and passions to be coupled with our experiences in order to help others find and grow closer to the Lord.

Focus Questions for each Ministry and Minister:


Does this ministry bring Glory and Honor to Christ by the manner in which it is being approached?


Do we meet the needs of the people that we are ministering to in the current setting or condition or structure?

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