Church Attendance Guidelines

FBC Bude Covid-19 Reopening Plan 2020




With Governor Reeve’s “Safer At Home” guidelines expiring on Monday, May 25, we plan on having our first worship service Saturday, June 6 at 7:00 pm.  Our goal is to have fewer than 50 people in the building at one time.  Since that number is much smaller than our average worship attendance, we will offer four options for you and your family to attend.  If you plan on attending one of the three options in the sanctuary, please text Bro. Tyson so we can plan accordingly.  His cell number is 601-384-6118.


3 Worship Options Each Weekend:


1)        6:00 PM Saturday

3)        10:30 AM Sunday

4)        A Worship Video on our YouTube Channel (FBC Bude Media) to be posted mid-Sunday Morning


Worship Guidelines


  1. Before deciding to attend a worship service with your church family, we ask that you do not have any of the following symptoms or conditions:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or over

  • Cough or sore throat

  • Shortness of breath

  • Contact within the last two weeks with anyone who has Covid-19

  • If you are 70+ of age or have a medical condition that puts you at a higher risk, we recommend that you continue worshipping online for now.Please use your own discernment in making this decision.

  1. When arriving at the church, a host will greet you before you enter the building.They will remind you to be careful and remember to follow the set guidelines.This includes . . .

  2. Everyone will need to wear a facemask from the time you enter the building until you leave.This important step protects you and those around you.The Covid-19 is highly contagious while airborne and we wish to minimize its spread.Studies show that it is extremely dangerous when singing so you may see a worship schedule very different from what you’re used to seeing.We realize that an hour is a long time to wear a mask so Bro. Tyson will instruct you of certain times that you can safely remove your mask, for example, during the sermon.If you do not have a mask, we will try to provide you with one.

  3. Once you enter the building, front or back door, an usher will escort you to your seat.The sanctuary will be containing “taped off” areas that will have “sit” and “do not sit” instructions.This is to separate individuals or family units at least six feet apart.

  4. Hand sanitizing stations will be available.You are encouraged to use them.

  5. No Nursery or Children’s Church will be available.

  6. There will be no Worship Bulletins.

  7. There will be no Meet and Greet time.

  8. No offering plates will be passed.Instead, there will be drop boxes set up as you exit the building.Remember that you can also give by mailing your tithe/offering to the church office, or you can give online at

  9. Once the service concludes, the ushers will direct everyone out of the sanctuary in a slow, deliberate manner.

  10. Please use smart judgment after you are outside.We recommend you continue to stay at least six feet from anyone not from your household.This means no handshakes or hugs for now.

  11. The sanctuary will be sanitized after every service.


Sunday School


For now, we ask that you attend Sunday School through the following formats:

  • Children Classes – Stephanie McCaa will continue to mail lessons to your home.Please make this a weekly priority in your home.It is a great opportunity to find teachable moments with your kids.If you haven’t been receiving a lesson each week, please call the church office and be added to our mail list.601-384-2326

  • Youth Classes will continue to meet on Zoom.Contact Corey or Lindsey Jackson for more information if needed.

  • Young Adult, Couples Class, and Ladies B (WOW) will continue to meet on Zoom or Facebook formats.Contact the church office if you need more information.

  • Ladies A (Edie Harrell) and Men’s Class (Mike Priest) will meet at church every Sunday at 9:15 am.The Ladies will meet in our big classroom in the West Wing (1-3 grade room) and the Men will meet in our big classroom in the East Wing (Youth room).Please remember the six foot distance rule.


Discipleship Training


We are currently looking to offer a Men’s class and a Ladies class this summer through a Zoom format.  Stay tuned for more details.


Wednesday Night Services 


For now, we will continue to stay out of the building on Wednesdays.  A worship video will be posted on our YouTube channel and the Youth group will continue their Zoom meetings.


These guidelines are a starting point and will evolve over time.  Please continue to trust in God, practice patience, and use common sense.  We want to serve and worship our God the best ways possible.  This means being good stewards with the resources available to us.  Let’s continue to Be Strong and Courageous.

Deuteronomy 31, Joshua 1, 1 Chronicles 22 & 28


If you wish to serve during these challenging times by being a host, usher, or helping sanitize; please contact Bro. Tyson or the church office.  Thank you.